Club Chat FAQ

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Q: How do I register my chat username?
Registering and then protecting your username will prevent other users from entering the chat and using that name.

Enter the chatroom with the username of your choice. If you get asked for a password, that means that username is password protected, either by you or someone else. If you don't know the password, then must choose another nickname. Try a variation like John1 or John. or John-B. Type /ns and the Nick Serv pop-up will appear. Click the Register button, and fill in the fields. If you don't get the pop-up, type /ns register password email

Once you're registered, you will be required to enter your password every time you enter the chat, or you will enter as a guest. Your username is now password protected for you only, across the entire IRC network that we belong to, not just on the TV ClubHouse website. Your username is now registered to you, but only while you're logged into the chat. When you're away, someone else could use the same name on a guest basis.

To LOCK your username so nobody else can use it at all you must type /ns set protect on when you are logged in. Confirmation will be shown in the Nick Serv pop-up window. You must login at least every 21 days to keep your name active.

Remember: your chatroom username and your regular TV ClubHouse username are not related, although most people have the same name for both places.

Q: What IRC network are we connecting to?
WEBNET They have 22 servers with a maximum user base of over 22,000. Not the largest IRC network around, but comfortable and not overcrowded.

Q: Do I have to download or install any software to use the Fan Chat?
No, you can use it at work, at home or wherever you like! This chat uses Java, no need to install anything!

Q: What is IRC?
Internet Relay Chat. It's a large network of chatrooms, like a large city full of different rooms, and #clubchat is the official room of The TV ClubHouse. Some rooms are private and locked up for members only, others are public. Each room is identified by the # symbol, like #clubchat.

When you enter the city from the TV ClubHouse, you're saying "Hey, this is the room I'm going to enter first within the city, and I'm going to use the TV ClubHouse doorway to get in." There are doorways to get in on many different websites. Once inside you can move from room to room(channel to channel) with ease. People from other websites can enter the #clubchat room without ever coming to the TV ClubHouse website, just like you can move from room to room once you're in.

Q: How do I exit/quit a room?
Type /part to exit a room. Type /quit to close all rooms and exit the chat.

Q: How do I join another room?
Type /join #roomname to join a room. If the room does not already exist, then you will automatically be creating it.

Q: How do I create my own room?
You must find a unique name that nobody has already registered. Find a name you like then type /cs info #channelname to see if it's already registered by someone else. If not, then type /join #channelname and it will be created.

Q: How do I register my own room and why would I want to?
Registering you own room(channel) name gives you FOUNDER control in that room. You will be able to designate all the Ops and set up the room the way you like it, preventing people from entering or whatever you want! Type /cs register #channel password desc to register your room. Desc is the description of our room for others to see when they type /cs info #channelname.

Q: How come I'm the only one in the chat room?
It takes time for people to join in! Stay in there for a little while and wait until someone comes in. Before you know it the room will be full!

Q: How do I make the window larger?
Click on FLOAT button and drag the lower part of the window, just like a Windows window.

Q: There are too many people in the chat room, what can I do?
Create another room!

Q: Why doesn't the Java client work with my browser?
First, you need to make sure that you have a recent version of one of the major browsers. You need at least Internet Explorer 3.6 or Netscape 4.x. Second, you need to make sure that Java is enabled in your browser. In Netscape this is under Edit->Preferences->Advanced. In Internet Explorer this is under Tools->Internet Options->Security->Custom Level

Q: Can WebTV users use this chat?
WebTV users can not use Java (which this chatroom based on). An HTML version is expected soon that you WILL be able to use. Until then, you'll have to use the chat services on the WebTV official website. Sorry, we'll miss you! :-(

More to come......