Club Chat Rules

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Tvclubchat and Tvclubchat2 are moderated chatrooms setup and maintained by the people at for the purpose of talking about and discussing reality TV. We welcome all board members and visitors alike to join the discussions.

Because we want to provide a safe and respectful forum for discussion, the following chat rules have been created. Please read the following rules before entering. Failure to follow the rules will result in your IP being banned from entering the chatroom.

  • #1 -- Cannot be idle for more than 15 minutes upon entering chat, or 1 hour from last time chatting
  • #2 -- No attacking or bashing (chatters, moderators, houseguests, etc.)
  • #3 -- No foul language
  • #4 -- No spamming
  • #5 -- No advertising for other sites/chats/etc
  • #6 -- No flooding
  • #7 -- You must be at least 15 years of age to enter